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Hiding In Shadows

I Can Find No Escape

24 February
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  • hideinshadows15@livejournal.com
1. DO NOT HOTLINK. The nice people at LiveJournal shouldn't have to pay for you being stupid. If you don't know what Hotlinking is, it's simple. If you have been right clicking on an image and using it's URL for other things STOP. That is hotlinking and it's dumb. Please save to your own server.
2. Please credit! I worked hard on these icons and I think I deserve the credit for them. So please, take a minute of of your day, and credit me. Thank you.
3. You can request an icon. You can E-Mail me or leave a comment here. But your best bet of me getting to your request the fastest is E-Mail.
4. No flaming please. Or spam. You are welcome to spam my personal journal. Just not this one.

Icons or graphics may contain adult language.

I will soon be making a post that holds all of my resources and gives credit to the makers of different gradients/brushes that I use. Untill that post...feel free to ask where I got a gradient or brush and I will happily give credit where it is deserved.

Thank You.

And if you have your own icon journal or anyother creative site of the sort I would be happy to affiliate.

-walky_talky (http://www.livejournal.com/~walky_talky)